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Case Study                       

Xocai Business Center

      Project Tasks:
  • Website Design and Development
  • Logo Creation
  • Custom Photography
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Product Photography
  • Product Creation
  • Print Collateral
  • Audio CD Production Oversight
  • CD Design
  • Custom Javascript / Interactivity
  • Copywriting

In order to support the independent distributorships across America for the Chocolate Antioxidant Beverage, Xoçai™, it was necessary to create a B2B service for their needs. Representatives needed business cards, sellsheets, postcards, banners, and a host of other print collateral. They needed fulfillment services to take care of bottle sales and shipping, and they needed educational materials. They needed "props" and support materials for their sponsored events. And they needed websites.

To fill those needs and help dealers become financially successful, Xoçai Business Center was born, and LNS developed and created each of those B2B pieces.

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