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As in any service industry, client satisfaction is the single most important asset our business has. The value of the relationships we build are every bit as important as the work-product.

It's important to us that each client we work with can relax and know they're in good hands. Deadlines will be met. Expectations will be exceeded.

What we say to you at this site carries not nearly so much weight as what our clients have to say. But we know that we've all seen generic "testimonials" that say something great and then are signed, "Bob J., Los Angeles, CA." Not very helpful, are they?

If we post a testimonial, you'll know who it's from, can verify the statement, and understand the context. Otherwise, what's the point?

We've received a lot of kudos, so we'll rotate these in and out. Here are what a few of our clients sent us at the completion of their projects:

SITE: www.orlandochocolatefountains.com


"After struggling with a "self-designed" website for months without seeing any rewards, we knew we were missing the mark in getting the word out to the public about our services. Little did we know just how much we had been missing!

After seeing the "magic" performed by Lora and Neil of LNS Design & Marketing, we were simply awestruck! While we had some basic ideas of what we wanted on our site, LNS not only used our ideas, they applied their creative genius to build on them — resulting in a stunning web presence that is sure to attract the attention of visitors. Browsers are compelled to view the entire site... and this translates into customers!

The synergy brought to their design is incomparable when Lora immerses herself in a project, and Neil applies his unique marketing insight coupled with his astonishing photography! The end result for us is a unique website well beyond anything we had imagined."

Brett and Wanda Railey

SITE: www.jonnybowden.com


"First of all let me say this: These guys are about waaaaay more than web design. They literally spent hours with me, read all of my material, did voracious background work and helped me see how I wasn't presenting myself to the world and on the web in a way that really showed who I am and what I could do.

The website they designed for me is not only magnificent, and beautiful, and user-friendly, and sophisticated, and all the other things you would hope for in world-class web design, but it has also helped redefine who I am in the marketplace. Their input has been invaluable in the development of my business, my career goals, and my presentation to the world.

I really cannot recommend them highly enough. No kidding. They are in that special class of amazing companies — in which I include for example, Jet Blue and Fed Ex — who actually deserve their success because they are amazing at what they do, and, more importantly, do things for you that you didn't even know you needed until they do them."

Jonny Bowden

SITE: www.larenim.com


"LNS exceeded every expectation I had in recreating our Larenim website. Their ability to immerse themselves in the philosophy and ideology of my cosmetic line and transform that into the tangibility of a website was nothing short of genius.

They awoke the elements of femininity, elegance, beauty and sincerity with the fabrics of seamless style, beautiful graphics, and logical navigation. Their added touches were well chosen quotes from various authors which conveyed a depth of artistic creativity.

Lora and Neil have gone way beyond the call of duty and beyond what they were hired for in delivering a website, logo, and more that's gotten us many compliments."

Kirsten Corcoran

SITE: www.low-carb.com


"Working with Lora and her design team at LNS/Accent Design has been one of our most rewarding collaborations since we've been in this business. We gave her the daunting task of taking our generic Yahoo! storefront, and giving it a completely customized look.

She listened to our ideas, plans, and preferences, and created an exceptional site that was everything we had envisioned and more.

When we began talking with Lora about redesigning our web site, we were already familiar with her portfolio and her absolutely artistic, yet practical approach to web design. We had complete confidence in her ability to seamlessly merge our working Yahoo! storefront with her extraordinary color palette, images, and flowing graphic designs.

We were rewarded with a beautiful site that has exceeded our expectations and brought us many accolades from our customers and competitors alike.

Lora has succeeded in creating a web site that gives us the professional image we need to succeed in our competitive internet marketplace. I highly recommend LNS/Accent Design for their friendly manner, creative inspiration and professional approach to web design."

Elaine Payne

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