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Sugar Sense

      Project Tasks:
  • Website Design and Development
  • Logo Development
  • Flash Presentation
  • Business Planning Consultation
  • Package Design
  • Product Consultation
  • Custom Photography
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Product Photography
  • Custom Javascript / Interactivity
  • Copywriting

Sweet Sense
Sugar Sense™ is a newcomer in the specialty food industry, but is a groundbreaking one. They make specialized food products for those who must restrict sugars and starches in their diets. Their foods contain no trans-fats, no sugar, no soy, and no sugar alcohols (polyols.) They're high in fiber and are made with all natural organic ingredients. But most importantly, they're real food — not cardboard and not chemicals. And they taste simply delicious.

Real snack foods like caramel corn, potato chips, and cheese curls, plus hot and cold cereals, and so much more. But their signature product is Sweet Sense™ — all-natural, no aftertaste, cooks and bakes like sugar, low glycemic, low carbohydrate, low calorie. Yes, really. Did we mention ground-breaking? LNS is taking a hands-on role in getting this product line on the shelves, from package design (See Sweet Sense™ box above) to marketing.

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