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In addition to many years of design and marketing experience in many venues, we have spent the last eight years acting as a liaison between health-conscious consumers and the industry who serves them. That experience has allowed us to have our fingers on the pulse of what today's buyer is looking for.

The principals at LNS Design and Marketing are Lora Ruffner and Neil Beaty, who have a long and rich history in the specialty foods industry and were the founders of the Low Carb Luxury website and magazine.

We've watched the debut of countless products and ventures in the health food industry, as well as in organics, cosmetics, and other industries. We've seen born-winners, and we've seen fatal mistakes. LNS is here with one purpose: To to guide you to success.


A little background on us...

If you've wondered what LNS stands for, well, that's a funny story. You see, the two of us, Lora and Neil, had begun working together a number of years ago, blending our talents in separate, but cooperative ventures. As time went on, we began working together pretty much exclusively as we were always what the other was looking for in any project or pursuit. So much so that friends began jokingly referring to us as the "Lora & Neil Show." And so, when we put our ventures under one central umbrella — where you are right now — the logical name for us became LNS. It used to be a bit of a secret, where our name came from. But so many people asked, and well, there you go...

So now, Accent Design Studios, which Lora started, and Neil Beaty Photography, that (of course) Neil started, were made sister companies with LNS. Both of us had a rich history of design and creative pursuits. Both had owned our own companies over the years. And both of us had marketing and promotion experience. We come to you as a strong team with hand-picked talent at our disposal to help you become what your mission guides you to. Thank you for visiting LNS, and we look forward to working with you!

                                                                              Lora and Neil

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